Pheromones Are They Real

Pheromones: Are They Real?

David Harris Human Pheromone

Pheromones popularly known as behavior-altering agents are chemicals produced by humans and animals that change the behavior of other animals of the same species. Unlike other hormones which affect the individuals producing them, pheromones are ectohormones – hormones that can act outside the body of the animal producing them by affecting the behavior of another animal, specifically of the same species. However, most people are not aware that pheromones can trigger other behaviors in the animals belonging to the same species apart from sexual behaviors.

Types of pheromones

They are of four types namely:

Releaser pheromones: these are pheromones that trigger immediate, rapid and reliable response. They are usually linked with sexual attraction

Primer pheromones: these take some time to elicit a response. They affect development and reproduction physiology such as menstruation cycle in females, the success or failure of pregnancies as well as puberty. They also alter hormone levels.

Signaler pheromones: they give information and can help a mother to identify her newborn through scent. They provide genetic odor print.

Modulator pheromones: they can either synchronize or alter body functions such as menstruation cycle in females. They are usually found in sweat

Pheromones Are They Real

Functions of pheromones

They trigger some behaviors including:

-Following a food trail


-Arouse sexual feelings

-Epideictic pheromones alert other female insects that it’s time to lay eggs

-To respect or protect a territory

-Bonding a mother and a baby

-To back off enemies

Human Pheromones: are they a fact or a fiction?

Ever since 1953 when it’s believed that they were discovered, researchers have discovered these chemicals in non-human creatures. Additionally, researchers together with perfumes making companies have, over the past half a century sought to find the existence of pheromone in humans. They have elusively found that humans produce odorous secretions especially through sweat glands in the genital areas, underarm, and nipples. However, there is no adequate evidence to prove that these secretions contain or are human pheromones.

Available evidence of human pheromones existence

Several studies have suggested the existence of pheromonal qualities that occurs in human secretions and therefore concluding that humans produce them.

In one research that included a lab test, tears collected from women who watched a sorrowful movie were placed in, unidentified fluid under a man’s nose. The researchers hypothesized that these tears would trigger a sympathetic response from the man. However, men reported that they experienced lower levels of being sexually aroused.

In another study, 16 men and 13 women were requested to smell given T-shirts and then identify the gender of the person who had worn that same T-shirt. A high percentage of both groups were able to accurately identify who had worn the cloth based on the scent of T-shirt alone.

A research by University of Chicago researcher has suggested that menstrual cycles of roommates and friends can synchronize of time. Such a synchronization is believed to occur as a result of one female in the group secreting an alpha-pheromone.

A recent study carried out in January 2016 has shown that AND (16-androstadien-3-one) caused swelling especially in the erectile tissues of the women noses. This was used as evidence that AND is likely to be a pheromone in humans.

Other facts

-They are hormones that work outside the body of the animal producing them

-They trigger behaviors in other animals of the same species as the ones producing them

-There is little evidence to prove their existence in humans despite some studies linking them with certain chemicals

-Virtually, all insects are believed to use them for communication


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Need the Best Pheromone Cologne and Perfume

Need the Best Pheromone Cologne and Perfume?

David Harris Pheromone Cologne

if you are a woman that wants to get more attention from men, you need to read this article. If you are the man who needs more attention from women, you too need to read this article. Pheromones can take your sex life to a whole new level, but you need to try them out as soon as possible. We are going to let you know a little bit more about what pheromones can do for you by reviewing two amazing pheromone-based products.

Pheromone Perfume Women by PherX

Pheromone Perfume Women by PherX will allow you to send men subconscious signals that can make them trigger a wide array of positive sexual responses. Pheromone Perfume Women by PherX has been developed by doctors of pharmacology and biology. Pheromone Perfume Women by PherX can also make those that surround you feel open and comfortable, and that’s very important if you want them to have sex with you as soon as possible. Science has backed up the power of pheromones, and you can reap these rewards right away as well.


– Pheromone Perfume Women by PherX will allow you to have sex even more often, which is wonderful for you these days.- This product will produce some undetectable odors that will cause men to like you, even more, when it comes to having sex with you in the future.- Pheromone Perfume Women by PherX harness the power of pheromones so you can increase the positive response of men about you as a sexual object.- If you want to get free car repair and free parking passes, use Pheromone Perfume Women by PherX right away.

Need the Best Pheromone Cologne and Perfume


– The price might seem a little bit steep to you.
Pheromone Cologne Men by PherX
Pheromone Cologne Men by PherX will work in the brain`s seat-of-emotion zone so that you can generate a powerful sexual reaction in women. Pheromone Cologne Men by PherX can generate a lot of dopamine in the brains of women, which will allow you to make the fun begin right away as well. If you want to get more attention, conversation, and looks from women, Pheromone Cologne Men by PherX is for you. Pheromone Cologne Men by PherX is fairly cheap and will work as advertised.


– Pheromone Cologne Men by PherX will make women come to you and ask something. They might even feel nervous around you, which is quite good for you as well. – Getting more attention from women has never been easier thanks to the Pheromone Cologne Men by PherX these days as well. – Girls will become chattier thanks to the Pheromone Cologne Men by PherX these days, but you will have to seal the deal down the road too. – You will feel that women might become more attracted to you when you use the Pheromone Cologne Men by PherX.


– Pheromone Cologne Men by PherX might smell cheap from time to time.
As you can see, these products can take your sex life to a whole new level. Pheromones are awesome substances, but you need to seal the deal with women or men. That’s the reason why you need to read this article again so you can get the most out of pheromones.…

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Information About The Strongest Pheromones

Information About The Strongest Pheromones

David Harris Strongest Pheromones

While many people have heard of them, many still wonder, “Do pheromones work?” For centuries, human beings have been trying to find a magic potion to help attract the opposite sex. While the search still continues, perhaps the closet thing found to date is pheromones. Since 1959, scientists have been researching about them, a chemical substance excreted by animals that triggers a sexual response in the same species of the opposite sex. So far, scientists have found that animal-produced pheromones do have the desired effect, but only in their own species.

The scientific community is still divided on whether or not humans have similar yet more subtle reactions to them in the same way that animals do. Some scientists believe that they are produced exclusively by animals and insects to trigger a reproductive response from the opposite sex. Other scientists who have done extensive research on this believe that they play a vital role in human behavior and attraction.

Information About The Strongest Pheromones

In addition to scientific studies that have been conducted on the effectiveness of the strongest pheromones attract women, a variety of other informal studies have also been conducted to examine their influence on humans. For example, a common study done to test whether they do work is a twin test. In this type of study identical twins are placed in a social environment like a bar or club to interact with people of the opposite sex. The theory here is that by using identical twins any additional flirtation or attraction from the opposite sex that one twin receives cannot be explained by the appearance of that person given that the twins look the same. In these tests one person from the set of twins is given a placebo which has no effect and the other twin is given to this. These studies have repeatedly found that the twin wearing them receives more attention from the opposite sex than the twin not wearing this.

Other studies have found that the wearers have increased frequency of dates, increased affectionate gestures, increased foreplay and increase sexual activity. So while there is still definitive answer on pheromones, these studies would imply that some type of effect is taking place.

Some scientists believe that they are detected by the human nasal receptors located at the entrance of the nostrils. The signal is then neurologically transmitted to the hypothalamus, the area in the human brain responsible for emotional responses. They trigger an attraction, a sexual desire and arousal. Women, who tend to be shy in bed, found that the smell of their male partner makes them relax and become more aroused. Scientists have also found that women emit a specific scent when during the fertile phase of their cycle — ovulation. During that time, women appear more attractive to men. Human bodies produce these smells and make people more attractive to each other.

Studies also suggest that pheromones may be used in fertility treatments for couples who want to conceive by making the partners more attractive to each other and their sexual activities more frequent, increasing their chances of conception. They may also be used to increase and maintain an arousal in patients who have problems in this area. They can assist in alleviating depression, stress reduction and mood enhancement.

While the scientists are still studying different pheromones and their effect on humans, it is clear that they affect very important areas of human lives. As studies suggest, pheromones may enhance the sexual activity for both men and women of any age and help alleviate many health concerns. It is for this reason they are growing in popularity and becoming more present in large name brand perfumes and personal grooming products such as hair gel or shower gels.…

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Human Pheromone Make You Sexually Attractive

Human Pheromone Make You Sexually Attractive

David Harris Human Pheromone

If you are wondering what human pheromone are, they are a sexual chemical scent that humans produce (in the animal and insect kingdom too) that give subconscious information about your fertility and your state of sexual attraction amongst other things.

pheromone targets the opposite sex

Generally speaking, pheromone targets the opposite sex which triggers sexual attraction and sexual arousal. It also works as a sexual attraction between gays and lesbians too.

sexual attraction

Think about it, were there times when you were talking about someone, and some sexual attraction begins to well up in you? Or were there times that when you meet someone for the first time, you take a personal liking or dislike for that person straight away? Well, that is probably the other party’s pheromone in action.

pheromone is a scent

You see, since pheromone is a scent, you are exposed to it, you will detect it by a small organ inside our nose known as the vomeronasal organ which is an auxiliary olfactory sense. This vomeronasal organ acts independently from other nerves and is only able to detect and decode messages sent by the pheromones from other people. Everyone’s pheromone is unique and is like an individual’s signature.

human pheromone

The human pheromone does not have any identifiable smell, and its strength relies only on the chemical reactions of the person detecting it. So do human beings give off pheromones naturally? The answer is yes because pheromone resides in our sweat and thus we are chemically communicating with each other all the time.

Human Pheromone Make You Sexually Attractive

However our way of life such as washing or frequently showering, using fragrances and aftershaves often deride or mask the chemical scent of our bodies. Also because of our communication ability unlike animals which rely more on smells, some quarters are of the opinion that the vomeronasal organs in humans are barely working through the lack of use and evolution.

discovery of human pheromone

That is why since the discovery of human pheromone an industry producing this chemical for the purpose of sexual attraction and social interaction has sprung up and is thriving till this day. There are now numerous companies selling synthetic pheromone in the form of pheromone oil, perfumes, cologne and other fragrances.

laboratories produced synthetic human pheromones

However, do these laboratories produced synthetic human pheromones work as powerfully as our natural ones. Well, there is mixed opinion about this. On one side of the fence, some say that since human pheromones are unique to each one of us, there cannot be a one size that fixes all that can work efficiently. On the other hand, manufacturers say that with advanced technology, they have discovered how to alter the chemicals to suit everybody and citing encouraging testimonials.

My personal take is that although using synthetic hormone may work; I will prefer to produce more of my unique human pheromone by taking pheromone releaser supplements. These supplements are made from natural herbs that encourage your body to produce more of your chemicals. At least I will know that when someone is attracted to me, it is me she or he is attracted to and not just to some chemical I splashed on myself.

Whether synthetic hormones work or not, the right things about pheromone are that they may give you an edge you need in society to do what you have always wanted to do and get the goals you have always wanted to achieve with people. Individuals who use pheromones or supplementing with it can expect to be popular in the society, and if you are looking to attract a mate, then your chances of success will skyrocket astronomically.…

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Reviews of Pheromone Cologne and Perfume

Reviews of Pheromone Cologne and Perfume

David Harris My Blog


Women who think that average appeal is the reason why men often tend to ignore them have a chance to spice up their presence. Apply Pheromone colognes to trigger your sexual appeal and attract the most sought-after guy in your office. Application of this cologne would send out subconscious signals to the opposite sex in your vicinity and arouse sexual attraction towards you. These pheromones are immensely strong scented chemicals that have the incredible power to arouse sexual titillation for the opposite sex.


Pheromone colognes are best applied by women to accentuate their feminine appeal. They boost your confidence and make you self-assured to face the world. Application of these pheromone women colognes make you more attractive and an epitome of attention among the crowd of many. These perfumes are poised to lead you to a confident extrovert from your shy introvert self. Hence, the application of these colognes offer you advantages in both personal and professional lives. However, it takes some amount of considerable practice and knowledge to correctly use the pheromone cologne for its best effects.


Make sure that you make the purchase of your pheromone cologne from a reputable market or a known dealer. As observed, many fraudulent dealers use snake oils in the bottles and dupe the first-time buyers. Opt for a place that guarantees money back or replacement in case you develop allergies or get fraudulent cologne instead of pheromone.

Reviews of Pheromone Cologne and Perfume

Then, check out the reviews of the pheromone cologne from your peers and net. It is quite obvious that you will pick the one that has the maximum positive reviews; however, two-three negative reviews on the cologne should not be the sole reason of your opting for other brands.

For beginners seeking the attractive powers of this cologne, it is advisable to visit the videos offered by many reputable online stores on the correct usage of the cologne. The video would guide you on the varied options in pheromone colognes available that suit your needs and desired results. There are online sites that guarantee money back options in 90 days in case you are not satisfied with the cologne. A visit to those websites would be an advisable step.


Pheromones cologne for men is probably the best thing to make pretty girls physically attracted to you, provided you are a man, in a matter of seconds after initial contact! Its formula is designed to use the same chemical signals which animals transmit towards other animals of opposite sex and stimulate the constant sexual desires people usually have all the time. When used at the right time it can trigger very powerful sexual responses that can result in not only in more women interacting with you, but many women interested in having a sexual relationship with you.


Your dates are going to be considerably more successful and more frequent when you use this cologne. Start out with small amounts and gradually increase them until you reach the desired effect. With experience, the perfect dosage will be reached and you will learn exactly when you are at that stage. Most people have the false assumption that the more they put on, the better their chances are and the more powerful the effect. Quantity has little to do with actual results and you will become aware of it eventually.


Recent studies show that 70% of men using this cologne enjoy better sexual life and are getting a lot more attention from the opposite sex. Pheromones themselves cannot produce a magical effect over others. This is something you need to work out. So, in addition to their instant effect use your natural charm and most importantly – be yourself – and the results will shortly follow.

Pheromones for men work just like any other perfume and have no negative effect on people. On the contrary, they create a friendlier environment and improve the chances of any man to meet and fascinate any woman. No additional effort is needed, just your inborn charm along and a bit of empathy, and the pheromones will become your best friend in meeting pretty girls more often. What lies ahead for you could be described as a bundle of countless possibilities!Reviews of Pheromone Cologne and Perfume…

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